In abbreviations, RE is the acronym for “reaction extent” or extent of reaction, employed in hmolscience as a physicochemically neutral terminology for the number of years a person reacted on the surface of the earth prior to their reaction end (death). On the Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) page, to exemplify, the notation (RE=87) signifies that Tesla dereacted (died) at the age of 87.

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The term RE is employed as a hyperlink tool to gauge longevity genius stature, particularly in respect to the hmolscience, physical humanities, or the physicochemical humanities, to the effect that whereas, by comparison, in physics it is often said that if one does not make their mark before age (reaction extent) 30, they never will (see: famous publications by age), i.e. their peak has passed; conversely, in hmolscience, the benchmark is reaction extent of age 60, plus or minus ten years, using the Goethe (age 60) 1809 Elective Affinities publication as the central peak benchmark, and Adams (age 70) 1908 discussions of how “the solution of the mind is certainly in the magnet” + “no one shall persuade me that I am not a phase” comments on his physicochemical dynamic theory of history, and the Rossini (age 72) 1971 “Chemical Thermodynamics in the Real World” address, as high end peaks.

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