Rain barrel model

Stephan social system (2015)
An annotated version of the Stephan social system, original version (1995), drawn by Allan Parker (Ѻ), based on the mental conceptual model of Ed Stephan, annotations by Libb Thims (2013), which shows the chemical potential of humans (human molecules) entering or leaving a hypothetical semi-open boundaried chemical thermodynamics conceptualized social system.
In systems, Rain barrel model refers to a chemical thermodynamics "system" conception of of society, devised by American sociologist Ed Stephan, in dialogue with physicist Louis Barrett and chemist George Gerhold, where society—shown adjacent, original 1995 model (with 2013 Thims re-annotations)—is depicted as a semi-open physicochemical system, the first visual model, as seems to be the case, to show social chemical potential description, i.e. internal energy (or Gibbs energy) changes concordant with immigration and migration. [1]


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(b) Photos – EdStephan.org.

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