Ralph Greatorex

In existographies, Ralph Greatorex (c.1625-1675), or “Gretorix” (Hooke, c.1670), was an English instrument maker, reputed to have been the “leading pumping engineer in England” (Chapman, 2004), who made a considerable amount of money draining the Fens. [2]

In 1658, Robert Boyle contacted Greatorex with a request for Greatorex to make an improved Guericke-style vacuum pump. [1] Greatorex, however, could not furnish a successful or serviceable machine. No drawing of Greatorex’s attempted device remains. [3]

Boyle then contacted Robert Hooke, his assistant since 1657, who then visited Greatorex and saw his device, reporting back:

“In 1658 or 1659, I contrived and perfected the ‘air-pump’ for Boyle, having first seen a contrivance for that purpose made for Boyle by Gratorix, which was too gross to perform any great matter.”
— Robert Hooke (c.1670), Posthumous Works (pg. iii-iv); cited by Richard Waller (1705) in “Life of Robert Hooke” [4]

Boyle, after seeing Greatorex’s device, when to London to get the barrel and other parts he could not get made at Oxford.

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