Ralph Baierlein

Ralph Baierlein nsIn thermodynamics, Ralph Baierlein (1936-) is an American thermal physicist noted for his 1999 book Thermal Physics, which presents the subject of thermal physics in the form of a fairly decent blend of particle physics, e.g. fermions and bosons and low temperatures, statistical mechanics, e.g. multiplicity, and chemical thermodynamics, e.g. free energies and chemical potentials. [1] His 2000 article “The Elusive Chemical Potential” has interesting discussion on the energetics school, Wilder Bancroft (who he says coined the term “chemical potential” after Gibbs), and Wilhelm Ostwald. [2]

Baierlein completed his BS in physics at Harvard and his PhD in thermal physics at Princeton in 1962. In 1999, he was a physics professor at Wesleyan University, Connecticut. Currently, he teaches thermal physics at Northern Arizona University.

1. Baierlein, Ralph. (1999). Thermal Physics (pg. 27). Cambridge University Press.
2. Baierlein, Ralph. (2000). “The Elusive Chemical Potential”, American Association of Physics Teachers, Oct.

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‚óŹ Ralph Baierlein (faculty) – Northern Arizona University.

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