Ralph Tykodi

Ralph Tykodi nsIn nonequilibrium thermodynamics, Ralph J. Tykodi (c.1925-) is an American physical chemist and thermodynamicist noted for his work in the area of thermodynamic applications to nonequilibrium situations. His two main publications are the 1967 Thermodynamics of Steady State and the 2002 Thermodynamic of Systems in Nonequilibrium States. [1] Tykodi’s main influences are Scottish physicist William Thomson and American engineer Willard Gibbs. A student of his is American chemical engineer Ted Erikson, who completed his MS in thermodynamics under Tykodi in 1959.

Tykodi completed his PhD in physical chemistry at the Pennsylvania State University. He taught at the Illinois Institute of Technology from 1955-1965 and at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth from 1965-1995.

1. (a) Tykodi, Ralph J. (1967). Thermodynamics of Steady State. MacMillan.
(b) Tykodi, Ralph J. (2002). Thermodynamics of Systems in Nonequilibrium States. USA: Thinkers' Press.

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