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A Dec 2018 screenshot of the banner for the Ranker.com "Greatest Atheists of All Time" page, showing a ranked listing of the top 370+ famous atheists.
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The notation [RGA:#], e.g. Friedrich Nietzsche [RGA:21|370+] indicates an atheist’s rank in the Ranker.com rankings.

In c.2002, Libb Thims, amid the drafting of his manuscript Human Thermodynamics, a treatise baising every "thing" of human affairs on "thermodynamics", prior to or amid the penning of his "thermodynamics of religions" chapter, went through and read books from each of the top dozen or several practiced religions and mythologies, including "atheism" on one of these categories; this resulted in a 175+ book collection on religio-mythology and atheism.

In Sep 2014, Libb Thims started the “famous atheists” page, to rank great historical atheists, chronologically, for organizational purposes, using the code (FA:#), e.g. Friedrich Nietzsche (FA:138) as indicator; by early 2018, 250+ atheists had been listed.

In Jun 2015, Thims started the “greatest atheist ever” page in a preliminary loose attempt at ranking the top 100 atheists in respect to greatness; by Dec 2015 a tentative listing of 35 atheists resulted.

In Oct 2018, Thims started a Ranker.com “Greatest Atheists of All Time” and when it was at the 250 atheist level, prompted (Ѻ) the Reddit atheist community to cast their votes on the list; another batch of votes came, when the list was at the 360 atheists level, from comment post (Ѻ) feed from the 7.5k upvoted article “Einstein’s letter belittling god and religion auctioned for upward of $1 million”; the top ten thus far:

1. Charles Darwin
2. Albert Einstein
3. Alan Turing
4. Stephen Hawking
5. Christopher Hitchens
6. Isaac Asimov
7. Carl Sagan
8. Bertrand Russell
9. Socrates
10. Thomas Paine
11. Hypatia
12. Thomas Jefferson
13. Richard Dawkins
14. Epicurus
15. Mark Twain
16. Richard Feynman
17. Frederick Douglas
18. Kurt Vonnegut
19. Aristotle
20. George Carlin
21. Friedrich Nietzsche
22. Leonardo da Vinci
23. Yuri Gagarin
24. Ludwig Feuerbach
25. Voltaire
26. Sam Harris
27. Benjamin Franklin
28. Seth Andrews
29. David Hume
30. Madalyn O’Hair

In Dec 2018, the list has 370+ atheists, 1.9k votes, 193 voters, and 1.9k views. [1]

On 20 May 2020, Thims turned the then-extant Ranker.com listing (200-voters; 2k votes) into a four-part YouTube video series (Ѻ), comprising 3-hours and 16-min of video presentation countdown to #1.

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1. Thims, Libb. (2018). “Greatest Atheists of All Time” (Ѻ), Ranker.com.

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