Anunian theologies (new2)
The religio-mythology structure of the world's modern religions (Yellow River centric religions excluded), according to which 72 percent of have belief system structure rooted in life/death theories of the sun. [1]
In humanities, religio-mythology is the study of modern religions in terms of their underlying part semi-scientific part mythological frameworks and syncretisms.

Religio-mythology, according to which 72 percent of the world’s current belief systems, can be directly classified as Anunian theology or Ra mythology, both the Ab-ra-ham-ic and the B-ra-hma-ic faiths, i.e. “father Ra son of Nun” faiths or belief systems, being Egyptian mythology based in structure, both replete with circa 3,100BC sun-based theories of: birth, life, death, and afterlife (resurrection or reincarnation)—the latter of which anchored in concepts such as: soul, spirit, karma, etc., which are but older conceptual framework notions concerning morality, meaning, purpose, existence, function, and so on. [1]

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1. Thims, Libb. (2012). Existence? (in a Godless universe). Unpublished manuscript.

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