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Rich ByrnesIn hmolscience, Rich Byrnes (c.1960-) is an American chemical engineer and thermodynamics humor cartoonist noted for his 2011 cartoon on the laws of thermodynamics and for his commentary on the thermodynamics forces behind chemical engineers "choosing" to become chemical engineers from Mary Guthrie's "Why Students Choose Chemical Engineering?" parody video.

In 2011, Byrnes illustrated Boil's law (aka Boyle's law) humor take of the game version of the laws of thermodynamics.

The following are noted quotes:

“I’m happy to know that the thermodynamic forces that compel folks to become ChE’s have not changed much over the years.”
— Rich Byrnes (2012), comment on Mary Guthrie’s 2009 ChETube humor video “Why Students Choose Chemical Engineer” [1]

Byrnes is an artist, chemical engineer, and a former naval nuclear submarine officer. He worked for nearly three decades experience at DuPont.

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