Richard Raymond

photo neededIn Information thermodynamics, Richard C. Raymond (c.1935-) is an American physicist noted for his 1950 article “Communication, Entropy, and Life”, wherein building on a Shannon bandwagon platform of the work of Leon Brillouin, Norbert Wiener, Claude Shannon, and Ludwig Bertalanffy, on a mixture of information theory, cybernetics, and thermodynamics, he argues the following:

“The entropy of [an] organism may be taken as the equilibrium entropy of the constituents of the organism less the information entropy necessary to the synthesis of the organism from equilibrium components of known entropy.”

In his 1951 “The Well-Informed Heat Engine”, Raymond, supposedly, gives some kind of detailed argument that information means negative entropy, along the lines of Leon Brillouin's 1949 argument. [2]

In 1951, Raymond was associated with The Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pennsylvania.

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