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Richard Rudd nsIn existographies, Richard Rudd (1967-) (CR:2) is an English new age spiritual teacher noted, in religious thermodynamics, for his 2007 ideas about how thermodynamics relates to things such as: good will, right action, money, etc.

In 2007, Rudd, in his “Human Thermodynamics: the ‘Great Niggle’ and How to Get Rich Slowly”, speculated on how the first two laws of thermodynamics, relate to energy flow, evolution, purpose, and the hidden energy of the universe; the following is an example excerpt:

“If you view life from the frequency of the second law of thermodynamics, all you will see is entropy and disorder. However, if you view life from a higher frequency or dimension, you will see that disorder is in fact a part of a higher order.”

Rudd proposes what he calls a ‘niggle-free’ version of the third law of thermodynamics, related to consciousness. The short article is riddled with metaphysical abstractions, but it is an interesting read, speculating on things such as how “selflessness stirs energy flow”, how “the energy of goodwill or right action” must go somewhere, or how “money is the physical equivalent to energy”, etc.

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