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Robert Alberty nsIn existographies, Robert Alberty (1921-2014) (CR:11) was an American physical chemist and biophysical chemist noted for his 1955 multi-edition textbook Physical Chemistry, a renamed continuation of the 1913 eight-edition Outlines of Theoretical Chemistry by Frederick Getman (carried it through 1927 in four editions) and Farrington Daniels (carried it through 1955 in four editions). [1]

Biochemical thermodynamics
In 2001, Alberty published “Use of Legendre Transforms in Chemical Thermodynamics” on on the mathematical thermodynamics of biochemical reactions. [2]

In 2003, Alberty published Thermodynamics of Biochemical Reactions, themed on the utilization of Legrende transforms to make the application of thermodynamics to biochemical reactions more convenient for the user, which contains an interesting historical section on English electrical engineer Keith Burton’s 1957 biochemical reaction thermodynamic table. [3]

Universe | Evolution
See main: Rennie vs Thompson and Harrub creationism fiasco
In 2003, Alberty piped in his opinion on the creationism vs evolution debate, as thermodynamics sees things. [4] The following quote, form Alberty's commentary:

“I do not agree that the universe is an isolated system in the thermodynamic sense.”

has been taken in support of the assertion, by apologeticists, that thermodynamics doesn't apply to the universe. [5]

Alberty completed his BS (1943) and MS (1944) at the University of Nebraska and PhD at the University of Wisconsin in 1947.

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Further reading
● McGrath, Liz. (2014). “Robert Alberty, professor emeritus of chemistry and former dean of science, dies at 92: Chemist’s seminal contributions to the thermodynamics and kinetics of biochemical reactions still shape the field, colleagues say” (Ѻ), MIT News, Jan 23.

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