Roger Lewin

Roger LewinIn evolution thermodynamics, Roger Lewin (1944-) is a British science writer noted for his 1982 “A Downward Slope to Greater Diversity”, in which he critiques the 1982 Brooks-Wiley Theory, of Canadian Zoologist Daniel Brooks and American systems ecologist Edward Wiley, wherein cites Belgian chemist Ilya Prigogine as making the following curious comment to Brooks after hearing Brooks give a talk about their theory in an an early 1982 seminar: [1]

“I see how you can do this with molecules, but I don’t see how you can do it with species. I don’t understand the extrapolation.”

Lewin, in reviewing their paper, called their speculations mere “heuristic formulations”, and, according to American creationist engineer Henry Morris, states that Prigogine was mystified by their theory, though this may be but added elaboration by Morris. [2]

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