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Rongxing GuoIn existographies, Rongxing Guo (c.1969-) is a Chinese economist and cultural theorist, noted for []

In 2017, Guo had stated the following:

“Recent findings in the biomedical area call attention to what might be called the ‘thermodynamics’ and ‘physiological’ factors in economic growth.”
— Rongxing Guo (2017), An Economic Inquiry into the Nonlinear Behaviors of Nations (pg.120)

In 2018, Guo, in his Human-Earth System Dynamics, expanding on the former idea, devoted several chapters entitled “Human Thermodynamics and Culture”, to the following proposition:

“Not all human and cultural evolutions are consistent with what Darwin calls ‘natural selection’. Nevertheless, they all conform to the basic law of human thermodynamics: that human mental output and physical output are roughly negatively correlated.”
— Rongxing Guo (2017), Human-Earth System Dynamics (pg. 52) [1]

This mental energy vs physical energy conjecture, is based on the following graph:

Guo (human thermodynamic law)

There doesn’t, to note, seem to be much “thermodynamics” proper herein, this aside.

In 2018, Guo was a professor at Beijing Municipal Government Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing, China; auto-characterizing as a published scholar in six disciplines: economics, geography, political science, management science, archaeology, and anthropology. [2]

1. Guo, Rongxing. (2018). Human-Earth System Dynamics (Amz) (Thermodynamics, 5+ pgs). Springer.
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