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Roumen TsekovIn existographies, Roumen Tsekov (c.1950-) is a Bulgarian physical chemist, noted for []

In 2015, Tsekov, in his “How Social Thermodynamics Could Help Greece”, penned a short chemical thermodynamics model of a country as a thermodynamic system, with the idea that when a country is in equilibrium, it has the same chemical potential as other countries, and therefore the same exploitation as other countries, and migration rates are small, or something along these lines; the following is his abstract:

“An urgent attempt is made to apply thermodynamic laws to the Greek society. A negative social entropy production is predicted, which could be achieved either by a military regime or by a restrictive agreement with the creditors of Greece.”


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The following are quotes by Tsekov:

“It is a pity that no one knows the equation of state of Greece now.”
— Roumen Tsekov (2015), “How Social Thermodynamics Could Help Greece” [1]

1. Tsekov, Roumen. (2015). “How Social Thermodynamics Could Help Greece” (pdf), Jul.

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