A 2010 screenshot of SThAR (, with the tagline: "What if reality could be predictable?".
In business thermodynamics, SThAR, short for "Social Thermodynamics Applied Research", is an applied sociothermodynamics-theory-based company launched in 2015 in Switzerland. SThAR develops predictive software based on the emergent science of social thermodynamics. [1] Their models describe and predict social trends to optimize the success of marketing campaigns (for promoting products, brands, or electoral information), and forecast consumption patterns and evolution of sales for designing smart geomarketing strategies.

According to Spanish entrepreneur Gregory Botanes, one of the co-founders: [2]

Sthar is the first company in the word to apply the revolutionary and recently discovered social thermodynamics universal laws to model social networks behavior and predict social changes, based on a mathematical model instead of existing statistics-based models.”

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