Scale of existence of things

In hmolscience, scale of existence of things refers to []

The following gives the general force equation for the various scale of existence of things, atomic and small molecular level, to human social molecular scale, to cities and towns, and to planets and suns: [N1]

Force Equation
Force Name
Equation Name

1.Planets and sunsuniversal gravitation lawSolar systemGravitational force Newton’s law of universal gravitation
→ Ismael Bullialdus (c.1645)
→ Giovanni Borelli (1666)
Robert Hooke (1684)
Isaac Newton (1686)

2.Cities and townsWarntz interaction forceWarntz potential map 2Social gravitationWarntz’s law
Francesco Algarotti (1737)
Henry Carey (1858)
John Q. Stewart (1939)
William Warntz (1969)

3.Men and womenF equals negative delta G over dMen and womenGravito-electromagnetic forceSocial physico-chemical attraction law
Johann Goethe (1809)
Mirza Beg (1987)
Libb Thims (2007)

4.Protons and electronsCoulomb’s lawProton and electron (labeled)Electromagnetic force Coulomb’s law
→ Franz Aepinus (1758)
Joseph Priestley (1767)
John Robinson (1769)
Henry Cavendish (c.1772)
Charles Coulomb (1777)


N1. This table first appeared on the Mateo Gil (2018) article; and began to be cited reoccurring, e.g. in the Beg-Thims interview of Day 1 (Part 2) video.

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