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photo neededIn hmolscience, Sergei Feitelberg (1905-1967) was a German physicist noted, in psychological thermodynamics, for his 1929 to 1930 work with Austrian psychologist Siegfried Bernfeld in developing an energy and engine based psychology model.

In 1929, Feitelberg, together with Ukrainian-born Austrian psychologist Siegfried Bernfeld, published a series of papers in Imago, one of which was “The Principle of le Chatelier and the Instinct of Self-Preservation”, followed by a 1930 booklet Energy and Engines: Psychoanalytic studies of Psychophysiology, wherein they expanded, in a reinterpretive manner, on the Weber-Fechner law:

E = ln R + c

where E is the sensation, and R is the magnitude of the stimulus, and c is a constant, which relates the magnitude of a stimulus to the felt sensation, to the effect that they reinterpreted E as a quantity of energy entering the system in the act of sensation, and R as the intensity factor of the stimulus energy, i.e. pressure in the case of a mechanical stimulus, or temperature in the case of a thermal stimulus. [2]

In sum, Bernfeld and Feitelberg applied theories from physical science, such as energy, entropy, Le Chatelier’s principle, etc., to psychology in actual measurement. [1]

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● Popper, H. (1968). “In Memoriam Sergei Feitelberg 1905-1967”, J. Mt Sinai Hosp N.Y., Jan-Feb; 35: 108-10.

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