In science wikis, SkLogWiki is a community-style wiki for people interested in thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and computer simulations, with particular focus on simple fluids, complex fluids, and soft condensed matter. [1]

The site was started on February 15th, 2007 by Spanish physicist Carl McBride at the Complutense University of Madrid, who found difficulty with Wikipedia’s notability criterion, particularly with reference to original work, commentaries, or pages that are dedicated to a single or series of papers published in a 'traditional' journal. [2]

As of 2009, the site seems to still be in the beta stage consist of 950+ mostly-empty stub pages, linked to lists of either related topic articles or related journal articles. [3] The site now seems to function as a journal article organizational website and niche term catagorization site run primarily by physics professor Daniel Duque and McBride. [4]

The symbol \left. \right. \Theta \Delta^{cs} is used in the logo of the SklogWiki, a conjuction of θ∆ics and S = K ln W, as shown above. [5]

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