Smartest person alive | existive (candidates)

In genius rankings, smartest person alive | existive (candidates) are potential genius candidates to go on the smartest person alive | existive top 50 table; a work-in-progress tentative collection of which are listed below.

Recent finds | Tentative adds
The following are tentative new adds:

● Laura Deming (1995-) | MIT dropout/Thiel fellow; see video (Ѻ) on centenarian genetics research; found via Google key search: “genius’s genius” + Goethe.

● Peter Joseph (1979-) (Ѻ) – creator the Zeitgeist (2007) film; then listen to his 2010 interview: “Who is Peter Joseph? (part 2 of 6), seems to be the core, but also 3 of 6 (4:00), and 4 of 6 (1:10; 2:25, growing up in trailer park; 5:24, on religious borrowing; albeit 3:17 gets stupid; at 5:10, on spirituality (good), etc.

Potentials | Runners up
The following is the work-in-progress listing of potential "smartest person existive" canidates:


IQ estimates


Lana Wachowski (1965-)
(born Laurence Wachowski)
Andrew Wachowski (1967-)

See: causality (vs choice);

Francis Ford Coppola

Tried for years to do philosophical equivalent of an Elective Affinities futuristic film rendition.

Paul Allen 75Paul Allen
 IQ_O \, Top 10 SPA (2012) (Ѻ); co-founder with Bill Gates of Microsoft; perfect 1600 SAT score.

John Sununu
 IQ_O \,=180 Top 8 WSP (2011) (Ѻ); AllTime10z Top 10 SPW (2012) (Ѻ);

Lenhard Ng

IQ: 200 (±) nominee (Ѻ);

Daniel Tammet

Jeff Bezos

Founder of; 25 Smartest Persons of the Decade (2009) (Ѻ);

Kelvin Doe 75Kelvin Doe

At age 13, in Sierra Leona, Africa, built his own battery with a combination of soda, acid and metal, wrapped together by tape, and used it along with other parts he found in the trash to make a community radio station, where he broadcasts news and music, and uses the remaining power to light up homes in his neighborhood; at age 16, after being discovered during a Sierra Leone national high school innovation challenge, joined MIT’s visiting practitioner’s program (Ѻ) (Ѻ).

Steven Pinker

SLP (2009) (Ѻ); his 2002 The Blank Slate: the Modern Denial of Human Nature, was one of the three books, Philip Ball's 2004 book Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads to Another and Jared Diamond’s 2005 book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, that prompted Steve Fuller's 2005 rant article about not being a molecule.

Neil Tyson

SMA candidate ( (Ѻ);

Smartest person purviews
See main: Smartest person alive | existive (criterion)
If one were truly the smartest person existive (alive), one or more of the following truths would be within purview:

1. That one is not alive.
(e.g. Tesla (almost), Goethe (almost), Crick (nearly); quote: "Let us abandon the word alive", 1966)

2. That one is a powered 26-element (±) chemical or molecule whose spontaneity is governed by the laws of thermodynamics.
(e.g. Goethe, Hirata)

3. Would have discarded the "hypothesis of god" (as Laplace did in 1802; see: Napoleon Laplace anecdote).

(a) That Abraham and Brahma religions are derivatives of the "father Ra son of Nun" religion (i.e. Anunian theologies).
(e.g. Aristotle (almost), Voltaire (close))

(b) Would have issues with the current dating system (e.g. BC/AD).
(e.g. Newton, Goethe, Napoleon, see: BP/PE or BN/ME)

(c) Would know that God does not exist (i.e. DN=7+).
(e.g. Newton (almost), Laplace, Dirac, Curie)

Another backwards rule, so to speak, would be that one would not be interested in taking IQ tests and or belong to a high IQ society, e.g. Rick Rosner, in his recent video interview statements (Ѻ), seems to glean the essence of this truth.

Equation helots | Word helots
The following are equation helots, which can be compared to word helots, images:

Hawking (blackboard)Hirata (blackboard)Tao (blackboard)Kim Ung-Yong
Images show being Stephen Hawking, Christopher Hirata, Terrence Tao, and Kim Ung-Yong all pictured in front of equation-filled blackboards, which visually highlights that while a genius may or may not be a seasoned "equation helot", he or she may not be a "word helot", one example being Paul Dirac, whose The Principles of Quantum Mechanics was considered as one of the bibles of Einstein, along with Euclid's Elements, which he called the "holy geometry book", but who was puzzled about why men and women dance, as he asked on of his colleagues one time at a dance.

Thims 50 Smartest People Alive | Existive (2013) – YouTube.
Thims 50 Smartest People Alive | Existive (2014) – YouTube.

New prodigies
The following are collection of recent child prodigies (ranked loosely in descending order by guesstimated intelligence) with claims to high-genius range test scores (mostly ratio IQs), albeit without noted comparative accomplishments, discoveries, works, theories, etc., to verify or rank accordingly their claimed genius-range IQ scores, accordingly:

IQPersonIQ estimates

Dylan Jones 75Dylan Jones
 IQ_? \,=140-175
 IQ_O \,=200 (age 10)
Entered engineering school at age 10 (Colorado School of Mines); photographic memory; able to recite pi to the 500 places and e to 100 places; completed BS in mathematical and computer science at age 16, with a minor in bioengineering and life sciences; entered medical school age 17, with aims (as of 2009) to become a neurosurgeon, board certified by age 28.

Sho Yano 75Sho Yano
 IQ_O \,=200 (age 10)

Antonio Kowatsch 75Antonio Kowatsch
Smartest person alive | existive (candidates) - Hmolpedia=150Achieved the highest possible score on the German Mensa admission test (ISA-S) (Ѻ)

Alia SaburAlia Sabur


● Began talking at eight months (link)
● Completed BS (2003) in applied mathematics from Stony Brook University at age 14; MS (2006) and PhD in materials science and engineering at Drexel University; professor of mathematics at age 19.
YouTube 40x17, YouTube 40x17(2009)

Ali Moeen Nawazish
(1990-) 10 Most Intelligent People in the World (2012) (Ѻ)

Ainan Cawley 75Ainan Cawley
 IQ_R \,=263-349 (age 7)
 IQ_? \,=110-140
Passed the O level exam (in chemistry) at 7 years and 1 month old, with a score of "C" (the average grade, supposedly, because he had studied the wrong syllabus, owing to a misunderstanding about which exams he would be taking).

Colin Carlson 75Colin Carlson
 IQ_? \,=110-140
 IQ_O \,=160

Moosa Firoz
(1999-) 10 Most Intelligent People in the World (2012) (Ѻ) (Ѻ)

Victoria Cowie 75 Victoria Cowie
 IQ_O \,=162
110-135 14x60Pranav Veera 75 Pranav Veera
 IQ_? \,=110-140
 IQ_R \,=176 (age 6)

Oscar Wrigley 75 Oscar Wrigley
 IQ_O \,=160[5]
90-110 Elise Tan-Roberts 75Elise Tan-Roberts
 IQ_O \,=156[5]

IQ | Fakers
The following are high IQ fakers:

IQPersonIQ estimates

Andrew Magdy Kamal
 IQ_F \,=231-400 Fakes IQs of 231, as cited by contrived “Christians are smart” listings (Ѻ), and 280 up to 400 (Ѻ); started a IQ Range 200+ WikiFoundry site mirror, which an average 8th grader could probably write better (Ѻ); has a PhysicsWithAndrew YouTube channel, which has basically unwatchable videos (Ѻ); sends out his faked PRs (Ѻ), etc.

Abdessellam Jelloul
 IQ_F \,=198 Fake (Ѻ); as cited by contrived “Christians are smart” listings (Ѻ), among other dubious listings. (Ѻ)

Mislav Predavec
 IQ_O \,=192 5+ "missing candidate" posts on him (Ѻ); ranked 3rd on Jason Betts’ World Genius Directory 20 most intelligent people in the world list (2012) (Ѻ); The’s Top 10 Most Intelligent People in the World (2013) (Ѻ);

Evangelos Katsioulis 75Evangelos Katsioulis
 IQ_O \,=180-205, 258
 IQ_? \,=135-155
Purported king of the IQ testing subculture; is the founder of the so-called “World Intelligence Network”, whose online magazine (2006) explains that “spirit is the vital principle which gives the physical organism life, in contrast to its material components”; citing Pierre Teilhard as justification (link); lists himself as IQ=180-205 [2]; a YouTube page lists him as IQ=258 [3]; quote (2011): “I created my high IQ societies and the World Intelligence Network, in order to host spiritual and human interactions in a safeguarded, morally respectful environment.” (Ѻ)

Old prodigies | No noticeable fruit
The following is a listing of old child prodigies, now into adulthood without notable "genius range" intellectual accomplishments, above the fray, so to speak, mixed in with the Mensa+ test taking subculture world of test-based claimant genius. The listing of 179 supposed "geniuses", with no noticeable intellectual fruit to speak of, compiled by Australian psychic Jason Betts, is one example. [9] One of the main discredits to this group, of what seem to be nobodies, is that it’s very difficult to be an anonymous genius, because the ideas and accomplishments of smart people tend to leak out to the public and to history like social tonic.

IQPersonIQ estimates

Kim Ung-YongKim Ung-Yong
 IQ_O \,=200
 IQ_G \,=210
 IQ_? \,=140-175 Top 10 SPA (2012) (Ѻ); Top 8 SPA (2010) (Ѻ); Top 8 WSP (2011) (Ѻ); former child prodigy, with PhD physics (age 15) from Colorado State University, who burned out after working under heavy pressure at NASA as a teenager, returning to Korea to work quite life as civil engineer.

Arthur Rubin

IQ: 200 (±) nominee (Ѻ); supposedly a Michael Kearney upgrade/replacement (Ѻ)

Theodore Kaczynski 75Theodore Kaczynski
 IQ_R \,=167 Known as: the unibomber (downgrade); cited with IQ of 167 in fifth grade. [1]

Christopher Harding 75Christopher Harding

Quote: “In Australia, I was fortunate to come into contact with and employ one of the then three most intelligent people in the world, Chris Harding. This trio all had I.Q.'s over 200, well off the Stanford/Binet scale” (biographical writings of Allan Skertchly). [#]
170Photo needed 75Edith Stern
 IQ_O \,=200, 201-203
155Grost 75Michael Grost
 IQ_? \,=145-155
 IQ_R \,=200 (age 8)

155Michael Kearney 75Michael Kearney
 IQ_? \,=135-155
 IQ_R \,=325 (age 4)
 IQ_O \,=200 (age 14)

145Marnen Laibow-Koser 75Marnen Laibow-Koser
 IQ_R \,=268
110-135 14x60Adragon De MelloAdragon De Mello
 IQ_? \,=110-125
 IQ_R \,=400 (age 5)
Set the record in 1988 for becoming the youngest person (age 11 years and 8 months) to graduate from college (BA computational mathematics, Univ of Calif, Santa Cruz); but thereafter severely burned out; turning instead to socializing and friendships; never again returning to academic-intellectual pursuits; was the product of his father's prodigal son dreams (the subject of a book he wrote before Adragon was even conceived).

Chess players
The following are chess players, included here being that grand master chess players tend to be cited in the genius IQ range, but not necessarily "real genius" status:

IQ estimate

Garry Kasparov 75Garry Kasparov
 IQ_P \,=135
 IQ_O \,=185-190 Top 8 WSP (2011) (Ѻ)

Inclusion in smartest person alive listing however is unlikely, being that being good at games such as playing chess or solving a rubric's cube is paramount to being being good at counting sand grains. To be a real genius, you have to ask yourself why you are playing chess (or equivalently why you are counting sand grains)? What is the reason? What is the motive? The following, to exemplify, are representative genius quotes from a chess player AND greatest philosopher ever Soren Kierkegaard:

“I feel as if I were a piece in a game of chess, when my opponent says of it: That piece cannot be moved.”
Soren Kierkegaard (c.390 PE), Danish philosopher

“Where am I? Who am I?
How did I come to be here?
What is this thing called the world?
How did I come into the world?
Why was I not consulted?
And if I am compelled to take part in it,
Where is the director?
I want to see him.”
Soren Kierkegaard (c.390 PE), Danish philosopher

In contrast to "chess geniuses", smartest person ever geniuses such as Aristotle or Goethe, while they may or may not play chess or other diversions, tend to expend their bulk energy going after big "why" questions.

Showboaters | Scams | etc
The following are a mishmash of newcomers, relatively unknown prodigies, or so-called "high IQ testers", recently in the news prodigies, etc., said to have, or have claimed themselves to have, genius-range IQs, but as of yet, without noted accomplishments to verify or rank accordingly their genius-range IQ claims:

Jim Diamond 75Jim Diamond
 IQ_O \,=160+A retired magician who runs where he claims to be the "man with the perfect IQ" (link) and sells how-to-be-a-genius videos; claims his IQ at 160+ (link).

Philip Emeagwali 75 Philip Emeagwali
 IQ_? \,=130-160?
 IQ_O \,=190 Top 8 WSP (2011) (Ѻ); Smartest man ever? (link); Genius or Crook? (link); quote: “IQ is too high to be measured on conventional tests.” (link); “reported by Sahara reporters as having an IQ of 190” (link).
110-135 14x60Christopher Langan 75Christopher Langan
 IQ_M \,=174, 190
 IQ_O \,=195, 190-210 Top 8 WSP (2011) (Ѻ); Huge downgrade for (a) being an IQ test addict, (b) vocalizing his opinion that he "has seen farther than anyone who has come before him, and (c) being an intelligent design theorist.
110-135 14x60Marilyn Savant 75Marilyn vos Savant
 IQ_M \,=186 (age 39)
 IQ_O \,=127 (age 7)
 IQ_O \,=167
 IQ_R \,=157
 IQ_G \,=228 Top 8 WSP (2011) (Ѻ); Huge downgrade for (a) knowingly publically faking a 228 IQ, based on falsified records of age-contrived Stanford-Benet test ratio IQ score (sent to Guinness for the purposes of self-promotion), for nearly three decades now, and (b) never having produced anything of intellectual note, other than being a newspaper columnist (a job she landed based her falsified IQ fame), and (c) being a IQ test junky (and IQ test maker).
110-135 14x60Rick RosnerRick Rosner
 IQ_R \,=140 (age 18)
 IQ_M \,=180-200
 IQ_O \,=250
Huge downgrade for (a) going back to high school at age 25, (b) being an IQ test junky, (c) publically boasting of having a 200-range IQ, etc.
110-135 14x60Naida CamukovaNaida Camukova
(c. 1976-)
 IQ_? \,=125-140
 IQ_O \,=200
Supposedly, some kind of fraud who touts about having an IQ=199.9, in and about Turkey, so to gain money for her institution, or something along these lines.

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