Stéphane Leduc

photo neededIn science, Stéphane Leduc (1853-1939) was a French biologist noted, in chnops-thermodynamics, for his 1911 effort to explain life via mechanism, energy, and entropy.

In 1911, Leduc, in his The Mechanism of Life in which
, in his own words, “endeavored to give as much of the science of energetics as can be treated without the use of formula; the conception of entropy and Carnot’s law of thermodynamics” to the explanation of the mechanism of life. He states, for instance, “a living being [is] a store of potential energy, to be set free by external stimulus.” [1] Leduc's overall aim was to contribute to the understanding of the chemical and physical mechanisms of life. [2]

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2. Keller, Evelyn F. (2003). Making Sense of Life: Explaining Biological Development with Models, Metaphors, and Machines (Leduc, 58+ pgs). Harvard University Press.

Further reading
● Leduc, Stephane. (1906). Les bases physiques de la vie et la biogenèse (The Physical Basis of Life and Biogenesis). éd. Masson, Paris.

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