Standard model of human existence

In science, the standard model of human existence is the current understanding of human existence, activity, and movement, in its past, present, and future states, according to the way modern physical science sees things, which is based on the first and second laws of thermodynamics in core structure.

The basic points of the "standard model", as defined by modern physical science, are as follows:

Proved by
(a)The universe is governed by the laws of energy and entropy.Humans are governed by the laws of energy and entropyRudolf Clausius, 1865
(b)Freely going reactions and processes, on the surface of the earth, are isothermal-isobaric processes.Gibbs free energy G is the governing potential; hence, an earth-bound freely going process is "thermodynamically possible" if and only if it shows a free energy decrease.Gilbert Lewis, 1923
(c)There are two types of processes in nature: "natural" (or ~ good) and "unnatural" (or ~ evil). "Natural" processes, in isothermal isobaric systems, are governed by the Lewis inequality for natural processes (ΔG < 0); "unnatural" processes, in isothermal isobaric systems, are governed by the Lewis inequality for unnaturally processes (ΔG > 0) Edward Guggenheim, 1933
(d)Natural and unnatural processes are thermodynamically "coupled" together.The sum of the Gibbs free energy changes of the "natural processes" dG_N \,plus the sum of the Gibbs free energy changes of the "unnatural processes" dG_{\tilde{N}} \, must be less than zero:
Coupling inequality
for the process as a whole to occur, i.e. be "natural", or exist in nature.
Theophile de Donder, 1936
Fritz Lipmann, 1941
Ilya Prigogine, 1947, 1998
(e)Free energy change (ΔF or ΔG) is the true measure of chemical affinity A. In earth-bound isothermal isobaric systems, individual intermolecular affinities, i.e. the forces of attraction, repulsion, bonding formations, etc., are quantified the Goethe-Helmholtz equation: A = –ΔG, thus human passions can be described by either the forces of chemical affinity A or by Gibbs free energy changes ΔG. Johann Goethe, 1809
Hermann Helmholtz, 1882
Theophile de Donder, 1936
(f)A human is a large multi-element dynamic reactive surface-attached molecule (human molecule).Humans are a type of animated molecule: outdated anthropometric ideas and concepts must either be either discarded or amended (to fit that of chemistry, physics, and thermodynamics).Robert Sterner
and James Elser, 2000
Libb Thims, 2002
New Scientist, 2005
(g)The daily heat cycles of the sun are driven by the spin coupling movements of the sun to the center of the milky way.Daily heat cycles (Carnot cycles) accruing on the surface of the earth, which drive entropy increase or transformation content increase (aka "evolution" or "synthesis") is connected via some type of "induction mechanism" to the rotations of the universe. Michael Faraday, 1831
James Maxwell, 1873
(h)Nebular hypothesisThe sun ignited inside of a nebula 4.7 billion years ago and the earth formed son thereafter. Emanuel Swedenborg (1734)
Pierre Laplace (1796)
(i)Big bangHumans are part of a large dynamically coupled system that is moving toward something called the great attractor ; inside of a larger universe, known to be about 13.7 billion years old. Georges Lemaitre, 1927
(j)?The milky way is bound to the local group, which as a whole is moving towards the great attractor at a rate of about 600 kilometers per second

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