Stefan Hutzler

Stefan HutzlerIn hmolscience, Stefan Hutzler (1965-) is a German-born Irish physicist noted for his 2005 to present work in econophysics and for his co-authorship of the 2013 Econophysics and Physical Economics, together with German physicist Jurgen Mimkes and English-born Irish physicist Peter Richmond. [1]

In 2005, Hutzler co-authored an article on “Dynamics of Money and Income Distributions”, together with Richmond and Przemyslaw Repetowicz, on what seems to be a standard Boltzmann-like extension of the theories of wealth of Vilfredo Pareto, using the Arnab Chatterjee (2003) economic agent model [2]

Hutzler completed his BS in physics in at Regensburg University, Germany, and his PhD in physics at Trinity College Dublin, where he is now an associate physics professor.

1. Richmond, Peter, Mimkes, Jurgen and Hutzler, Stefan. (2013). Econophysics and Physical Economics. Oxford University Press.
2. Repetowicz, Przemyslaw, Hutzler, Stefan and Richmond, Peter. (2005). “Dynamics of Money and Income Distributions” (pdf), ArXiv, 29 Jul.

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