Strong atheism

Strong atheism
The 13 main categories of denial (dis-belief) and belief, as listed on the atheism types by denial and belief page, for historically-famous atheists, that one has to have "strong" opinions on, is one is to be considered as strong atheist.
In atheism types, strong atheism, a near synonym to “extreme atheism”, related to “hard core atheist”, is []

In 2015, Libb Thims was listing, in the atheism types by denial and belief page, the categories of: achristism, mortalism, abioism, asoulism, aspiritism, moralism, determinism, dualism, and monism, as the ten main -isms one has to have "strong" opinions on, along with that on the topics of: purpose, chance, and free will, if one is to be ranked as a "strong atheist", in modern terms, historically speaking.

The following are related quotes:

Libb Thims is a strong atheist, adheres to a physics-based morality, and considers himself a Goethean revolutionist.”
David Bossens (2013), Debates of the Hmolpedians [1]

1. Bossens, David. (2013). Debates of the Hmolpedians (Ѻ). LuLu.

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