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Left: Horus, in the form of a hawk or falcon, carrying the sun, in the form of a disc, with Khepri, the flying “morning sun” carrying beetle, engraved, from (Ѻ) the tomb of Tutankhamun (c.1320BC). Right: Ra, with a sun disc on his head, surrounded by a snake, representative of Apep, shown standing on his solar barque, traveling trough the sky, in the sense of the milky way being a river like the Nile River.
In religio-mythology, sun disc refers to the Egyptian model of the sun, artistically, in pre-dynastic times, depicted as a circular disc, carried on the head of the god Horus in the form of a Hawk (or falcon), and in later times as the myth of the god Ra carrying the sun on his solar barque, among other later sun god variants.

In c.200AD, in the Roman recension, the Egyptian sun disc became, via artistic evolution, the Christian “halo”, and Horus (or Osiris-Horus) became Jesus.

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