Tanya Maslova

photo neededIn human thermodynamics, Tanya V. Maslova (1979-) is a Russian economist noted for her theories on the ‘thermolinguistics’ or the thermodynamics of language, concepts such as the energy or temperature of a text, the entropy of languages, isotherms of a text, among other topics. [1] In her 2010 article “Thermolinguistics and Human Thermodynamics”, Maslova speculates on how pair-wise chemical potential between entities, such as people, or plants in field, in the form of attractions and repulsions, may find explanation in the statistical mechanics work of Russian physicist Nikolay Bogolyubov. [2]

1. Maslova, Tanya V. (2009). “Existence Theorem of the Critical Isotherm in Mathematical Linguistics” (abstract). Mathematical Notes 86(5-6): 873-78.
2. Maslova, Tanya V. (2010). “Thermolinguistics and Human Thermodynamics: Correspondence Principles” (abstract), Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics 17(1): 141-44.

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