In hmolscience, teleodynamics, from the Greek teleos- meaning “end goal” + -dynamics meaning “power”, is a supervenience conceptualized, emergence like theory, introduced by Terrence Deacon (2011), purported to explain the end-directedness, i.e. purpose, of “living things”, using invented thermodynamics themed language, in a way that is meant to differ from the activity of an “attractor”, e.g. the strange attractors of chaos theory, characteristic of so-called “morpho-dynamic” systems. [1]

In 2011, Terrence Deacon, in his Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerges from Matter, introduced the term “teleodynamics” and “teleodynamics system”, albeit crouched in his own invented thermodynamics-sounding language.

In 2020, Deacon, at the Thermodynamics 2.0 Conference (Ѻ), gave a talk on “Teleodynamics”.

The following are related quotes:

Teleodynamics IS consistent with the second law of thermodynamics (no magic). It is a special case of thermodynamics, not some new physics. It is an atheistic model, that does not attempt to reinsert ‘classical teleology’ [teleology; new teleology] back into physical sciences.”
— Terence Deacon (2013), “JDNM review”, May 22 [2]

“William Connolly (The Fragility of Things, 2013) and Terrence Deacon (Incomplete Nature, 2012) have recently argued that teleodynamics, the purposeful and end-directed behaviors and the reactions and disturbances in other related ententional behaviors are key to understand not only the dynamics of institutional change per se but also, and especially so, the emergent patterns of behavior resulting from resistance and adaptation.”
— Juha Hiedanpaa (2015), “Teleodynamics and Institutional Change” (Ѻ)

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