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Terry Bynum nsIn information thermodynamics, Terrell Bynum (c.1938-), or Terry Bynum, is an American philosophy professor, at Southern Connecticut State University, noted for his 2005 chapter section “Entropy and Purpose in Human Life”, focused on the impact of the internet and morality, generally a synopsis of American mathematician Norbert Weiner's 1950 The Human Use of Human Beings, intermixed with Aristotelian notions of purpose, in modern retrospect, and how the two views united can, supposedly, yield a model of human justice. [1]

Bynum completed a BS in chemistry and a BA in philosophy, from the University of Delaware, and a MA in philosophy, from Princeton, a MA and PhD, both in philosophy, from City University of New York. [2]

1. Bynum, Terry. (2005). “Entropy and Purpose in a Human Life”, in: The Impact of the Internet on Our Moral Lives (editor: Robert J. Cavalier) (§1: Norbert Wiener’s Vision: The Impact of the “Automatic Age” on Moral Lives, pgs. 11-26; §§: Entropy and Purpose in a Human Life, pgs 13-14). SUNY Press.
2. A Brief Academic Biography – Southern Connecticut State University.

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