In religio-mythology, theism, from Greek theos god” + -ism, “belief”, aka “pretended natural religion” (Holbach, 1770), is belief in the existence of god (see: monotheism), gods (see: polytheism), or one supreme god and lesser gods (see: henotheism). [1]

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Libb Thimsscience is laced with extreme atheism and materialism and hence his precarious position. Science needs to be kept at equal distance and away from both atheism and theism. I can’t stop but laugh at myself when I think that I am not alive or I am not moving myself.”
DMR Sekhar (2011), a self-drive (or self-motion) theorist

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1. d’Holbach, Baron. (1770). The System of Nature: Laws of the Moral and Physical World (notes by Denis Diderot; translator: H.D. Robinson) (pg. 257). J.P. Mendum, 1889.

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