Theoretical IQ

In genius studies, theoretical IQ, symbol IQ Th, as compared to a real IQ, refers to what one's IQ could be "in theory", in the future, as an adult, after one has accomplished something of genius merit, but one that generally is a thing only the future can discern, retrospectively, e.g. via falsifiability criterion.

A theoretical IQ, in short, is a paper IQ, ratio IQ, deviation IQ, psychologist estimated IQ, etc., generally assigned in the genius range (140+), that tends to be made in youth or young adulthood age, that has not secondary adulthood age real genius work or result corroboration, retrospectively discerned by those in the know, in said field of genius, and more often than not tends to be an inflated IQ, one that tends to give confused false comfort to a youth, in the sense of IQ overestimation.

Historically, to cite a classic example, if we look at the 1917 age 3 to 9 calculation of the young Francis Galton by Lewis Terman, using his new age ratio IQ formula, wherein he determined Galton's IQ to be 200, this is a classical example of IQ miscalculation, one where theory, i.e. the calculated "theoretical IQ", didn't match up with reality, Galton's "real IQ", historically discerned.

If, to cite a modern example, we take the statement "I taught [Laurent Simons] when he was six and we studied at the level of a 16 year-old" (Wilkes, 2019) (ΡΊ), we can calculate a “theoretical IQ” of 267, per age ratio IQ method; this, however, is what is classified as an “inflated IQ” estimate per reasons that IQ calculations past the 225 range don’t match up with reality, i.e. the “real IQs” of real historical geniuses, as determined via meta-analysis, as shown in the top 1000 geniuses rankings. [N1]

The same is the case for a young person, teenager, or high school who takes a college entrance test, e.g. Stanford-Binet, and scores perfect, and is told that there “deviation IQ” per this score, puts them in the genius range (140+), then this too is a theoretical IQ, i.e. the student is a "potential genius" in theory.

N1. This theoretical IQ definition and example derivation was done by Libb Thims on 19 Nov 2019, after user oye777 (Alex Bickle) messaged Thims with “Laurent Simons's mother Lydia … desires an IQ evaluation”, the boy Laurent Simons (2000-) in Nov 2019 attempting to graduate with a BS in electrical engineering in Dec 2019 and thus break the youngest college graduates record.

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