Thermodynamic self-organization

In thermodynamics, thermodynamic self-organization refers to a posted self-organization explained via some hypothetical thermodynamics-based theory.

The term "thermodynamic self-organization" seems arisen among Russian scientists, referring to assembly behaviors describable by thermodynamics in the near-equilibrium range. [1] The term is used such to distinguish two variants of energy dispersion: (a) operations related to near-equilibrium processes (thermodynamic self-organization) and (b) operations related to non-equilibrium processes (dynamic self-organizations), the latter generally being associated with Prigoginean thermodynamics. [2] In the view of Russian physical chemist Georgi Gladyshev’s hierarchical thermodynamics, thermodynamic self-organization is defined as the spontaneous ordered joining of the structures of the i-th hierarchy into structures of the (i+1)-th hierarchy. [3]

As the principle of inertia, the forerunner to the first law of motion, invalidates any and all types of self-[determining/organizing] systems (Karl Pearson, 1892), the premise of a thermodynamics-based self-[organized] system, is akin to a double-defunct theory, being that the laws of motion underlie the laws of thermodynamics.

1. This terminology was used at the 2008 5-th International Inter-Sciences Symposium "Applied Synergetics in Nano-technologies", e.g. in the lectures of Georgi Gladyshev and V.S. Ivanova, among other scientists at the conference (source: 13 Jan 09 email from Gladyshev to Libb Thims).
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