Thermodynamics websites

In websites, thermodynamics websites are those whose URL indicates a dedication to a specific topic in thermodynamics. The following tables collect some of these websites, ordered by date of launch:

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● (c. 2006 launch) by Dimitris Keranis.

Thermodynamics sites
The following are themed or on pure thermodynamics:

Launch: 1998
By: Frank Lambert (screenshot)The first of a number of websites, including (1999), (2001), (2001), (2003), etc., aiming to present the simplified view that entropy is not “disorder”, but rather better explained as energy dispersal. All the sites were transferred to Occidental College (.com → in circa 2009.
Launch: 2003
By: S Carnot (EoHT user) (screenshot) Contains an except of Lynde Wheeler’s biography of Willard Gibbs and parts of Sadi Carnot’s paper. (ThermoWiki)
Launch: 2007 (retired: 2009)
By: J.M. Haile (screenshot)A short-lived wiki, having made 47 articles, with aims to education on thermodynamics topics, particularly chemical thermodynamics. (SklogWiki)
Launch: 2007
By: Carl McBride (screenshot)A collection of pages linking external publications on topics in statistical mechanics.
Launch: 2007
By: William Baratuci (screenshot) Contains tutorials, examples, a blog, and links and tools to help students learn thermodynamics. Before that the information was online at still exists, but the free Authroware plug-in is required. It can be downloaded from Adobe. [1]

Human thermodynamics sites
The following are sites dedicated or themed on applications of thermodynamics to subjects of the humanities, i.e. in fields of human thermodynamics:

Launch: 2004
By: Babics Laszlo (screenshot) Contains Hungarian and English translations of 2003 paper "The Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Mass Societies."
Launch: 2005
By: Libb Thims (screenshot)Gives a layperson overview of how thermodynamics applies to humanities; host to the Journal of Human Thermodynamics; published classic papers among other things. (2007) (2010?) (2010?) (2002)
Launch: 2002-2010
By: Valter Caggio 300pxA set of redirect multi-language (Italian and English primarily) sites dedicated to promoting negentropy as the universal principle to human existence.
Launch: 2007
By: Libb Thims (screenshot)Educational site on human chemistry, a prerequisite subject to human chemical thermodynamics.
Launch: 2007
By: Libb Thims (screenshot)An encyclopedia of terms, people, and theory surrounding the application of thermodynamics to subjects of humanity.
Launch: 2008
By: Libb Thims (screenshot)Educational site on the human molecule, the basic component particle of study in systems of human thermodynamics.
Launch: 2008
By: Mark Janes (screenshot)Considers a human to be a "giant carbon atom" and uses uses aspects of chemical thermodynamics, particularly the Gibbs free energy equation ΔG = ΔH – TΔS, to explain aspects of humanity, such as good, evil, purpose, evolution, etc.
Launch: 2009
By: Gregory Botanes (screenshot) Uses “social thermodynamics research” and Montecarlo techniques to apply in business and market applications using an external consultation approach. It uses the acronym SThAR or "social thermodynamics applied research" as a logo for the human thermodynamics applications business thermodynamics company.

See also – Society for Studies on Entropy (Japan).

Comment in the threads below if you know of other related thermodynamics sites.

1. Authroware plug-in (download) - Adobe.

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