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Thims IQ (examples)
A section from the top 1000 geniuses page (Nov 2019), showing real IQ or "Thims IQ", in the left column, of Galileo (IQ:195|#11), Carl Gauss (IQ:190|#22), and Joseph Lagrange (IQ:190|#23), as can be compared to the various historical IQ estimates, in the right column; the # next to each IQ being that individual's ranking in the top 1000 genius rankings.
In genius studies, Thims IQ, or "Thims IQs", refers to the IQs (see: IQ key) of historical geniuses as determined and ranked by Libb Thims, from 2010 to present, as shown in the "real IQ" column (left column) the top 1000 geniuses pages, as well as shown in Hmolpedia articles, e.g. Joseph Lagrange (IQ:190|#22), as shown adjacent. [1]

In 1990s, Libb Thims began collecting citations and references to various individuals with "purported IQs" in the nefarious ceiling genius range.

In 2008, Thims had a working Word document file of about 15 individuals with IQs cited in the 200 or above range, ranked from highest to lowest. [1]

In 2010, Thims, when the online version of the IQ:200+ genius listing was at the 25 person level, following the discovery of the "IQ:400" citation of Adragon de Mello, as calculated by his over-zealous father, Thims began to engage into the task of re-ranking the world's geniuses. [1]

In 2011, Thims began to merge all of the geniuses, from the various historical genius rankings, such as shown below, into one 400+ person "genius IQs" listing, of all of the world's purported geniuses cited with or said to have an IQ of 140 or above:

Terman IQ (1916)
Cox IQ (1926)
Platt IQ (1962)
Guinness Book IQ (1970s to 1996)
Walberg IQs (1981)
Buzan IQ (1995)
Cox-Buzan IQ
Cox-Buzan-Platt IQ
Simonton IQ [e.g. 40+ President IQs] (2006)
Michael IQ [51 geniuses] (2008)

In 2015, the IQs in Thims' archived 40-person IQ:200+ article and or video series, following an interview with journalist Natasha Bertrand, became popularized in the Business Insider article “The 40 Smartest People of All Time”. [2]

In Feb 2019, Thims had converted the previous "genius IQs" page, into a ten-page top 1000 geniuses rankings, then filled with 730+ geniuses, each ranked by meta-analysis "real IQ", the entire rankings free from all with all extraneous contrived genius IQs (e.g. fake IQs, inflated IQs, paper IQs, etc.), which have previously tarnished the 20th century with a great deal of confusion in respect to "IQ" and "genius" or real genius.

For the related query “what is the IQ of Libb Thims?” or “what is Libb Thims’ IQ?”, see: Libb Thims (genius rankings), for an approximate overview of this topic.

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