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A 30 Sep 2014 photo of American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims' religio-mythology, science, and atheism book collection, at the point when he scoured his library and collected all of the related books, counting 92 books, shown.
In libraries, Thims religio-mythology and atheism book collection is American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims personal library, near Buffett number level, collection of 174+ books on religio-mythology, comparative religion and mythology, science and religion, science vs religion, religion vs science, and atheism, etc. books and publications.

The following are new recently purchased books:

● Budge. Wallis. (1904). The Gods of the Egyptians, Volume One. Dover, 1969.
● Budge. Wallis. (1904). The Gods of the Egyptians, Volume Two. Dover, 1969.
● Fletcher, Joann. (2002). The Egyptian Book of Living and Dying: the Illustrated Guide to Ancient Egyptian Wisdom. Thorsons.
● Ehrman, Bart D. (2014). How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee. HarperOne.
● Arthur, James. (2000). Mushrooms and Mankind: The Impact of Mushrooms on Human Consciousness and Religion (pgs. 11-13) (Ѻ). Book Tree.
● Petty, Bill. (2012). Hieroglyphic Dictionary: a Vocabulary of the Middle Egyptian Language (Amz). CreateSpace.
● Harpur, Tom. (2004). The Pagan Christ. Thomas Allan Publishers.
● Flynn, Tom. (1993). The Trouble with Christmas (Osiris, pgs. 55-57). Prometheus Books.
● Plutarch. (c.100AD). Isis and Osiris; in: Plutarch's Moralia, Volume Five: Isis and Osiris. The E at Delphi. The oracles at Delphi no longer given in verse (§:355-). The obsolescence of oracles (Introduction: Victor Hanson). Harvard University Press.
● Massey, Gerald. (1883). The Natural Genesis: Second Part of a Book of the Beginnings, Containing an Attempt to Recover and Reconstitute the Lost Origins of the Myths and Mysteries, Types and Symbols, Religion and Language, with Egypt for the Mouthpiece and Africa as the Birthplace, Volume One. Williams and Norgate.
● Massey, Gerald. (1883). The Natural Genesis: Second Part of a Book of the Beginnings, Containing an Attempt to Recover and Reconstitute the Lost Origins of the Myths and Mysteries, Types and Symbols, Religion and Language, with Egypt for the Mouthpiece and Africa as the Birthplace, Volume Two. Williams and Norgate.
● Freke, Timothy and Grandy, Peter. (2001). Jesus and the Lost Goddess: The Secret Teachings of the Original Christians (Osiris, 18+ pgs; quote, pg. 13). Random House.
● Joshi, S.T. (2014). The Original Atheists: First Thoughts on Nonbelief. Prometheus Books.
● Montaigne, Michel. (1592). The Complete Works (translator: Donald Frame) (atheism, 6+ pgs). Everyman’s Library, 2003.
● Hodge, Bodie and Patterson, Roger. (2016). World Religions and Cults, Volume Three: Atheistic and Humanistic Religions. New Leaf Publishing.
● Massey, Gerald. (1900). Gerald Massey’s Lectures (Amz). Publisher, 1998.
Further reading
● Bauval, Robert. (1994). The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids. Three Rivers Press.
● Murdock, Dorothy M. (2008). Christ in Egypt: the Horus-Jesus Connection. Stellar House Publishing.
● Musolino, Julien. (2015). The Soul Fallacy: What Science Shows We Gain from Letting Go of Our Soul Beliefs (Forward: Victor Stenger) (Ѻ) (pg. 154). Prometheus Books.
● Cooper, Thomas. (1829). Fabrication of the Pentateuch: Proved by Anachronism Contained in Those Books (Amz)(Arc)(txt). George E. Evans, 1840.
● Ali, Ayaan. (2008). Infidel. Simon & Schuster.
● Ali, Ayaan. (2015). Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now. Publisher.
● Stephens, Mitchell. (2014). Imagine There’s No Heaven: How Atheism Helped Shape the Modern World. St. Martin's Press.
● Berlinski, David. (2008). The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions. Publisher, 2010.
● Author (1714). The Life of Lucilio (alias Julius Caesar) Vanini: Burnt for Atheism at Toulouse with an abstract of his writings being the sum of the atheistical doctrine taken from Plato, Aristotle, Averroes, Cardano and Pomponazzius's philosophy with a confutation of the same; and Mr. Bayle's arguments in behalf of Vanini completely answered (Amz). Publisher, 1730.
● Jacob, Susan. (2004). Freethinkers: a History of American Secularism (rev). Publisher.
● Volney, Constantine. (1791). The Ruins: Mediation on the Revolutions of Empires (translators: Thomas Jefferson (§1-20) and Joel Barlow (§21-24)) (Amz). New York: Dixon and Sickles, 1828.
● Thorpe, Jessica. (2016). Atheism for Kids (illustrator: Teal Barnes). Winter House Books.
● Tunstall, Kate E. (2016). Blindness and Enlightenment – a Essay: with a New Translation of Diderot’s Letter on the Blind and La Mothe Le Vayer’s Of a Man Born Blind. Bloomsbury.
● Ingersoll, Robert. (1977). Best of Robert Ingersoll: Selections from his Writings and Speeches (editor: Roger Greeley). Prometheus.
● Whitmarsh, Tim. (2015). Battling the Gods: Atheism in the Ancient World (pg. 63-64). Vintage Books.
● Gordon, J.S. (1997). Land of the Fallen Star Gods: the Celestial Origins of Ancient Egypt. Simon & Schuster, 2013.
● de Wall, Frans. (2013). The Bonobo and the Atheist: in Search of Humanism Among the Primates. W.W. Norton & Co.
● Paulkovich, Michael. (2013). No Meek Messiah: Christianity’s Lies, Laws and Legacy (§: Egyptian Origins of Judeo-Christian Beliefs, pgs. 161-65). Publisher.
● Faulkner, Raymond. (1972). The Egyptian Book of the Dead: the Book of Coming Forth by Day: Complete Papyrus of Ani, Featuring Integrated Text and Full-Color Images (translator: Ogden Goelet; Preface: Carol Andrews; Introduction: Daniel Gunther; Foreword: James Wasserman) (Amz). Chronicle Books.
● Griffiths, John G. (1980). The Origins of Osiris and His Cult (pg. 3). Publisher.

Atheism | Proto
The following are pre-atheism works:

● Epicurus. (c.300BC). The Art of Happiness (forward: Daniel Klein; translator: George Strodach). Penguin, 2012
● Lucretius. (55BC). On the Nature of Things (translator: Frank Copley). W.W. Norton & Co, 1977.
● Cicero. (45BC). On the Nature of the Gods (translator: Patrick Walsh). Oxford University Press, 2008.
● Montaigne, Michel. (1592). The Complete Works (translator: Donald Frame). Everyman’s Library, 2003.

The following are Voltaire proto-atheism related works:

● Voltaire. (1759). Candide: and Other Poetic and Philosophical Writings (editor: Eric Palmer) (apple, pg. 189). Broadview Press.
● Voltaire. (1776). Philosophical Dictionary (introduction: John Iverson). Barnes & Noble, 2006.
● Voltaire. (1769). God and Human Beings (translator: Michael Shreve; Introduction: Sunand Joshi). Prometheus Books, 2010.

Atheism | Modern
● Meslier, Jean. (1729). Testament: Memoir of the Thoughts and Sentiments of Jean Meslier (translator: Michael Shreve). Prometheus Books, 2009.
● La Mettrie, Julien. (1747). Machine Man and Other Writings (editor: Ann Thomson). Cambridge University Press, 1996.
● Paine, Thomas. (1795). The Age of Reason (editor: Moncure Conway) (txt). Merchant Books, 1896.
● d’Holbach, Baron. (1770). The System of Nature: Laws of the Moral and Physical World (notes by Denis Diderot; translator: H.D. Robinson). J.P. Mendum, 1889.
● Feuerbach, Ludwig. (1841). The Essence of Christianity (translator: George Eliot). DigiReads, 2012.
● Russell, Bertrand. (1957). Why I Am Not a Christian: and Other Essays on Religion and Related Topics. Touchstone Books.
● Ayn, Rand. (1957). Atlas Shrugged. Publisher.
● Smith, George H. (1974). Atheism: the Case against God. Prometheus Books, 1989.
● Russell, Bertrand. (1986). Bertrand Russell on God and Religion (editor: Al Seckel). Prometheus Books.
● Haught, James A. (1996). 2000 Years of Disbelief: Famous People with the Courage to Doubt (§: George Santayana, pgs. 228-30). Prometheus.
● Josh, S.T. (2000). Atheism: a Reader. Prometheus Books.
● Hecht, Jennifer M. (2003). Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas. HarperOne.
● Harris, Sam. (2004). The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason. W.W. Norton & Co.
● Wielenberg, Erik J. (2005). Value and Virtue in a Godless Universe. Cambridge University Press.
● Onfray, Michael. (2005). Atheist Manifesto: the Case Against Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (Traite d’Atheologie) (translator: Jeremy Leggatt) (Ѻ). Arcade Publishing, 2007.
● Harris, Sam. (2006). Letter to a Christian Nation. Alfred A. Knopf.
● Mills, David. (2006). Atheist Universe: the Thinking Person’s Answer to Christian Fundamentalism. Ulysses Press.
● Dawkins, Richard. (2006). The God Delusion. Mariner Books.
● Hitchens, Christopher. (2007). God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. Hachette Book Group.
● Konner, Joan. (2007). The Atheist’s Bible: an Illustrious Collection of Irreverent Thoughts. Harper Collins.
● Huberman, Jack. (2007). The Quotable Atheist: Ammunition for Nonbelievers, Political Junkies, Gadflies, and those Generally Hell-Bound. Nation Books.
● Hitchens, Christopher. (2007). The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever, Selected and with Introductions by Christopher Hitchens. De Capo Press.
● Berlinski, David. (2008). The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions. Basic Books.
● Stenger, Victor J. (2009). The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason. Prometheus Books.
● Minois, Georges. (2009). The Atheist’s Bible: the Most Dangerous Book that Never Existed (translator: Lys Weiss). University of Chicago Press, 2012.
● Rosenberg, Alex. (2011). The Atheist’s Guide to Reality: Enjoying Life without Delusions. W.W. Norton & Co.
● Williams, Albert. (2014). Why Our Children Will be Atheists: the Last 100 Years of Religion, and the Dawn of a World without God (eB). Albert Williams.
● Palmer, Michael. (2013). Atheism for Beginners: a Coursebook for Schools and Colleges. Lutterworth Press.
● Boghossian, Peter. (2013). A Manual For Creating Atheists (foreward: Michael Shermer). Pitchstone Publishing.
● Navabi, Armin. (2014). Why There is No God (eB). Atheist Republic.
● Spencer, Nick. (2014). Atheists: the Origin of Species. Bloomsbury Publishing.
● Ruse, Michael. (2015). Atheism: What Everyone Needs to Know (abs) (Royal Society polls, pgs. 100-106). Oxford University Press.
● Silverman, David. (2015). Fighting God: an Atheist Manifesto for a Religious World. St. Martin’s Press.

The following are Nietzsche books:

● Nietzsche, Friedrich. (1882). The Gay Science (translator: Walter Kaufmann). Vintage Books.
● Nietzsche, Friedrich. (1883-85). Thus Spoke Zarathustra (translator and introduction: R.J. Hollingdale). Penguin, 2003.
● Nietzsche, Friedrich. (1886). Beyond Good and Evil (translator: Helen Zimmern; editor: Oscar Levy; introduction: Costica Bradatan). Barnes & Noble. 2007.
● Nietzsche, Friedrich. (1887). On the Genealogy of Morals (translator: Michael Scarpitti; Introduction and Notes: Robert Holub). Penguin, 2013.
● Nietzsche, Friedrich. (1887). On the Genealogy of Morals (translator: Horus Samuel). Dover, 2003.
● Nietzsche, Friedrich. (1888). Ecce Homo: How One Becomes What One Is (translator and notes: R.J. Hollingdale; introduction: Michael Tanner) (Ѻ). Penguin.
● Nietzsche, Friedrich. (1888). The Antichrist (translation and Introduction: Henry Mencken) (txt). A.A. Knopf, 1920.
● Nietzsche, Friedrich. (1888). Will to Power: An Attempt at a Revaluation of All Values (translator: Walter Kaufmann and Reginald Hollingdale; editor: Walter Kaufmann) (pdf) (txt). Random House, 2011.
● Plank, William. (2002). The Quantum Nietzsche: the Will to Power and the Nature of Dissipative Systems (ch. 7: Human Reality as a Thermodynamics Model, pgs. 33-34). iUniverse.

Kids Atheism | Godlessness
The following are atheism, humanism, or related, books geared for children:

● Bennett, Helen. (2005). Humanism, What’s That: a Book for Curious Kids. Prometheus Books.
● Harris, Annaka. (2013). I Wonder (Amz). Four Elephants Press.
● Gilgamesh, Horus. (2013). Awkward Moments Children’s Bible (eB) (Ѻ) (last supper, pg. #). CreateSpace.
● Mitchell, Deborah. (2014). Growing Up Godless: a Parent’s Guide to Raising Kids Without Religion (foreword: Dale McGowan). Sterling Publishing.

Science vs Religion | Atheism
The following are science vs religion books argued from the atheist-side of the fence, give or take:

● Atkins, Peter W. (1992). Creation Revisited: a Distinguished Scientist Looks at the Origins of Space, Time, and the Universe. W.H. Freeman & Co.
● Edis, Taner. (2002). The Ghost in the Universe: God in Light of Modern Science. Prometheus Books.
● Graves, Dan. (1996). Scientists of Faith: Forty-Eight Biographies of Historic Scientists and Their Faith. Kregel Resources.
● Newberg, Andrew, D’Aquili, Eugene, and Rause, Vince. (2001). Why Won’t God Go Away: Brain Science & the Biology of Belief. Ballantine Books.
● Stenger, Victor J. (2007). God the Failed Hypothesis: How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist. Prometheus Books.
● Kauffman, Stuart A. (2008). Reinventing the Sacred: a New View of Science, Reason, and Religion. Basic Books.
● Ecklund, Elaine H. (2010). Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think. Oxford University Press.
● Paulson, Steve. (2010). Atoms & Eden: Conversations on Religion and Science. Oxford University Press.
● Harris, Sam. (2010). The Moral Landscape How Science Can Determine Human Values. Free Press.
● Stenger, Victor J. (2012). God and the Folly of Faith: the Incompatibility of Science and Religion. Prometheus Books.
● Krauss, Lawrence M. (2012). A Universe from Nothing. Atria Books.
● Nye, Bill. (2014). Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation. St. Martin’s Press.

Science vs Religion | Theism
The following are science vs religion books argued from the theist-side of the fence, give or take:

● Wilber, Ken. (1998). The Marriage of Sense and Soul: Integrating Science and Religion. Broadway Books.
● Schroeder, Gerald L. (2001). The Hidden Face of God: Science Reveals the Ultimate Truth. Touchstone.
● Gyatso, Tenzin (14th Dalai Ze). (2005). The Universe in a Single Atom: the Converge of Science and Spirituality. Harmony.
● Collins, Francis. (2006). The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief (soul, 5+ pgs; quote, pg. 202). Simon & Schuster.

Religious texts
The following are founding books of religions:

● Anon. (c.1450BC). The Egyptian Book of the Dead: the Papyrus of Ani (translator: Wallis Budge, 1895). Dover, 1967.
● Anon. (c.1350BC). The Rig Veda (translator: Wendy O’Flaherty). Penguin Books, 1981.
● Tzu, Lao. (c.600BC). Tao Te Ching (translator: D.C. Lau). Penguin, 1963.
● Anon. (c.500BC). Tanaakh: Torah, Nevi’im, Kethuvim. The Jewish Publication Society, 1985.
● Anon. (c.750). The Tibetan Book of the Dead (translator: W.Y. Evans-Wentz; foreword and afterward: Donald Lopez). Oxford University Press, 2000.
● Anon. (c.200). The Holy Bible, Modern English Version. Passio, 2014.
● Anon. (c.800). Quran. Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an, Inc, 2002.
● Anon. (c.800). The Quran (translator: J.M. Rodwell; Foreword and Introduction: Alan Jones). Phoenix, 2001.
● Anon. (2000). Today’s Parallel Bible: King James Version, New International Version, New Living Translation, New American Standard Bible. Zondervan.

Mythology | General
The following are general mythology books:

● Jordan, Michael. (1993). Encyclopedia of Gods: Over 2,500 Deities of the World. Facts on File, Inc.
● Cotterell, Arthur. (2001). Encyclopedia of World Mythology. Barnes & Noble.
● Littleton, C. Scott. (2002). Mythology: the Illustrated Anthology of World Myth and Storytelling. Thunder Bay Press.
● Faustino, Mara. (2004). Heaven and Hell: a Compulsively Readable Compendium of Myth, Legend, Wisdom, and Wit for Saints and Sinners. Atlantic Monthly Press.
● Steele, Philip. (2007). Eyewitness Mesopotamia: Discover the Cradle of Civilization: the Birthplace of Writing, Religion, and the Rule of Law. DK Publishing.

Egyptian | Mythology | Theology
The following are Egyptian mythology, i.e. Anunian theology or Ra theology, related books:

● Budge. Wallis. (1900). Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life. Publisher.
● Freud, Sigmund. (1939). Moses and Monotheism (Arc). Vintage, 1955.
● Mercante, Anthony S. (1978). Who’s Who in Egyptian Mythology (editor and reviser: Robert Bianchi). Metro Books, 1995.
● El Mahdy, Christine. (1989). Mummies, Myth and Magic in Ancient Egypt. Thames & Hudson.
● Wilson, Hilary. (1993). Understanding Hieroglyphs: a Complete Introductory Guide. Barnes & Noble.
● Hayes, Michael. (1997). The Egyptians. Lansdowne Publishing.
● Ashby, Muata. (1997). Anunian Theology: African Religion, Volume I. Cruzian Mystic Books.
● Luckhert, Karl. (1991). Egyptian Light and Hebrew Fire: Theological and Philosophical Roots of Christendom in Evolutionary Perspective. SUNY Press.
● Redford, Donald. (2002). The Oxford Essential Guide to Egyptian Mythology. Oxford University Press.
● Marie-Rose, Anon and Hagen, Rainer. (2002). Egypt: People, Gods, Pharaohs. Taschen.
● Oakes, Lorna and Gahlin, Lucia. (2002). Ancient Egypt: an Illustrated Reference to the Myths, Religions, Pyramids and Temples of the Land of the Pharaohs. Hermes House.

Christianity | Apologetics
The following are Christian apologetics themed works:

● Pascal, Blaise. (1662). Pensees: Thoughts on Religion (Ѻ). Penguin, 1995.
● Lewis, C.S. (1952). Mere Christianity, Revised and Enlarged Edition. Harper San Francisco, 2015.
● Zacharias, Ravi. (1990). The Real Face of Atheism (hydrogen, pg. 44). Baker Books, 2004.
● Strobel, Lee. (2004). The Case for a Creator: a Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence that Points Toward God. Zondervan.
● Zacharias, Ravi. (2008). The End of Reason: a Response to the New Atheists. Zondervan.
● Jinn, Bo. (2013). Illogical Atheism: a Comprehensive Response to the Contemporary Freethinker from a Lapsed Agnostic (eB). Sattwa Publishing, 2014.

Christianity | General
The following are general Christianity, i.e. Jesus-centrict Ab-Ra-ham-ic theology, books:

● Jefferson, Thomas. (1804). The New Jefferson Bible: the Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth in Modern English (editor: Dan Marshall). Prose City Books, 2013.
● Strong, James. (1995). The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. Thomas Nelson Publishers.
● Bright, Bill. (2002). Heaven or Hell: Your Ultimate Choice. New Life Publications.
● Feiler, Bruce. (2002). Abraham: a Journey to the Heart of the Three Faiths. Harper Collins.
● Shanks, Hershel and Witherington, Ben. (2003). The Brother of Jesus: the Dramatic Story and Meaning of the First Archaeological Link to Jesus and His Family (forward: Andre Lemaire). Harper San Francisco.
● Anon. (2013). Jesus: Who Do You Say That I Am? Life Magazine.

Islam | General
The following are Islam, i.e. Muhammad-centric Ab-Ra-ham-ic theology, and or Islam-Christian connecting books:

● Warraq, Ibn. (1995). Why I Am Not a Muslim. Prometheus Books, 2003.
● Green, Joey. (2003). Jesus and Muhammad: the Parallel Sayings (Foreward: Sayyid Syeed; Introduction: Kenneth Atkinson). Seastone.

Religion | General
The following are non-Christian / Islamic books:

● James, William. (1902). The Varieties of Religious Experience: a Study in Human Nature, Being the Gifford Lectures on Natural Religion Delivered at Edinburgh in 1901-1902. The Modern Library, 1994.
● Smith, Huston. (1958). The World’s Religions. Harper Collins.
● Parrinder, Geoffrey. (1971). World Religions: from Ancient History to the Present. Facts on File, Inc.
● Basham, A.L. (1989). The Origins and Development of Classical Hinduism (editor: Kenneth Zysk). Oxford University Press.
● Armstrong, Karen. (1993). A History of God: the 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Ballantine Books.
● Eagle, Chokecherry G. (1997). Beyond the Lodge of the Sun. Vega.
● Hubbard, L. Ron. (1997). Scientology: a New Slant on Life. Bridge Publications.
● Breuilly, Elizabeth, O’Brien, Joanne and Palmer, Martin. (1997). Religion of the World: the Illustrated Guide to the Origins, Beliefs, Traditions, and Festivals (editor: Martin Marty). Facts on File, Inc.
● Strathern, Paul. (1999). Confucius in 90 Minutes. Ivan R. Dee.
● Wilkinson, Philip. (1999). Illustrated Dictionary of Religions: Figures, Festivals, and Beliefs of the World’s Religions. DK Publishing.
● Pojman, Louis P. (2000). Life and Death: a Reader in Moral Problems. Wadsworth Publishing Co.
● Bowker, John. (2000). Oxford Concise Dictionary of World Religions. Oxford University Press.
● Boyer, Pascal. (2001). Religion Explained: the Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought. Basic Books.
● Farrington, Karen. (2001). The History of Religion. Barnes & Noble.
● Armstrong, Karen. (2001). Buddha. Viking Books.
● Lopez, Donald S. (2002). Religions of Asia: in Practice, an Anthology. Princeton University Press.
● Harrison, Guy P. (2008). 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in God. Prometheus Books.
● Pierce, Charles P. (2009). Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free. Random House.

Good | Evil
The following are books focused on the nature of good and evil:

● Turner, Alice K. (1993). The History of Hell. Harvest Books.
● Pagels, Elaine. (1995). The Origin of Satan. Vintage Books.
● Watson, Lyall. (1995). Dark Nature: a Natural History of Evil. Harper Perennial.
● Bloom, Howard K. (1997). The Lucifer Principle: a Scientific Expedition in the Forces of History (thermodynamics, 12+ pgs). Atlantic Monthly.
● Mack, Carol K and Mack, Dinah. (1998). A Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels, and Other Subversive Spirits. Owl Books.
● Morrow, Lance. (2003). Evil: an Investigation. Basic Books.
● Shermer, Michael. (2004). The Science of Evil: Why People Cheat, Gossip, Care, Share, and Follow the Golden Rule. Times Books.

Mythology | Egyptian | Christian
The following are Egyptian mythology to Christianity connecting books:

● Graham, Lloyd M. (1975). Deceptions and Myths of the Bible. Citadel Press Books.
● Jackson, John G. (1985). Christianity Before Christ (forward: Frank R. Zindler). American Atheist Press.
● Osman, Ahmed. (1990). Moses and Akhenaten: the Secret History of the Egypt at the Time of the Exodus. Bear & Co.
● Greenberg, Gary. (1996). The Bible Myth: the African Origins of the Jewish People (formerly published as The Moses Mystery) (section: "The Osirian Iconography in Isaac's Sacrifice", pgs. 245-46). Citadel Press.
● Freke, Timothy and Gandy, Peter. (1999). The Jesus Mysteries: Was the Original Jesus a a Pagan God? Three Rivers Press.
● Murdock, Dorothy M. (aka Acharya S.). (1999). The Christ Conspiracy: the Greatest Story Ever Sold. Adventures Unlimited.
● Rubenstein, Richard E. (1999). When Jesus Became God: the Struggle to Define Christianity During the Last Days of Rome. Harvest Books.
● Greenberg, Gary. (2000). 101 Myths of the Bible: How Ancient Scribes Invented Biblical History. Source Books.
● Maxwell, Jordan. (2000). That Old-Time Religion: the Story of Religious Foundations (with a chapter by: Gerald Massey). The Book Tree.
● Jordan, Michael. (2001). The Historical Mary: Revealing the Pagan Identity of the Virgin Mother. Seastone.
● Murdock, Dorothy M (aka Acharya S). (2004). Sons of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled (pg. 91). Adventures Unlimited.
● Murdock, Dorothy M. (aka Acharya S.) (c.2010). “Zeitgeist: the Movie: Companion Source Guide”,

Evolution | Religion
The following are evolution vs religion tension topic books:

● Larson, Edward J. (1997). Summer for the Gods: the Scopes Trial and America’s Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion (new afterword by author). Basic Books, 2006.
● Humes, Edward. (2007). Monkey Girl: Evolution, Education, Religion, and the Battle for America’s Soul. Harper Perennial.
● Lebo, Lauri. (2008). The Devil in Dover: an Insider’s Story of Dogma v. Darwin in Small-Town America. The New Press.

Further reading
The following are books that Thims doesn't own but posted below as being of possible value:

● Epstein, Greg M. (2009). Good without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe. Harper Collins.
● Niose, David. (2012). Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans. St. Martin’s Press.

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