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In existographies, Thomas Lidstone (c.1820-c.1890) was an English architect (Ѻ) and historian, noted for []

In 1869 to 1875, Lidstone, an architect (Ѻ) of Dartmouth, the town where Newcomen carried out his steam engine experiments, published a series of pamphlets, with engravings, and quoted early letters, on the details of Thomas Newcomen and his invention.

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“When [Newcomen] was engaged on his great work, which took him three years from its commencement until it was completed, and was kept a profound secret, some of his friends would press Mrs. Newcomen to find out what her husband was engaged about, and, ‘for their part, they would not be satisfied to be kept in ignorance’. Mrs. Newcomen replied, ‘I am perfectly easy. Mr. Newcomen cannot be employed about anything wrong; and I am fully persuaded, when he thinks proper, he will, himself, unasked, inform me’.”
— Thomas Lidstone (c.1870), Notes and Queries about Newcomen [1]

1. Gould, Sabine. (1908). Devonshire Characters and Strange Events (§: Savery and Newcomen, Inventors, pgs. 487-501) (WS). John Lane.

Further reading
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