Origin of the Christian Trinity
A gist overview of where the Christian "trinity" derived, namely from a god reduction of extant Egyptian mythology, wherein Osiris became "god the father", Horus became "god the son", and the magical black rite resurrection powers that brought Osiris back to life so to magically give his sperm to Isis, became the "holy spirit", which became, by 330AD, re-conceptualized as three things rolled into "one god", aka a trinity.
In Christian mythology, Trinity refers to the belief that there exists a “god the father”, “god the son”, and a “holy spirit” that are three separate yet unified thing or god as one, depending on interpretation.

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In c.150AD, during the Roman recension, religious thinkers took extant religion, i.e. Egyptian mythology as then known, and converted the so-called "black rite" resurrection sex story, wherein the god son Horus, is conceived via the magical time-stopped sex act, according to which the goddess Isis, in the form of a kite (or bird), shown adjacent, hovers over the brought-back-to-life body of Osiris, from which she draws the sperm of Osiris, via the magical "holy spirit" like powers, to therein become pregnant from the seed of her dead mummified husband, and re-wrote in a monotheistic guise, according to which the virgin Mary becomes pregnant the "holy spirit" in the form of a dove (or bird), and thereafter conceives the god son Jesus, son of "god the father", a newly conceptualized supreme god.

In circa 1700, English physicist Isaac Newton, in incognito, would objectionably not label years as AD, but instead used AC (Anno Christum), signifying is objection to the argument of the existence of the trinity, namely his view that a person named Jesus may have existed, may have been the son of God, and may have been christened or arisen, but definitely was not the ‘Lord’ or God. [1]

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