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There are tweets, some "hot" some "cold" some "cool", about Hmolpedia articles (Ѻ) and tweets by people who have Hmolpedia articles, some of which as listed adjacent, wwork to transmit hmolscience related subject matter.
In social media, Twitter (TR:31) is 2006-launched site, Alexa rank (#10|2016), where uses can post 14-character messages called “tweets”, and where followers can “reply”, “re-tweet”, or “like” among other options, from which trends can be followed and new “hotinformation gathered. | Flow
The following: (Ѻ) is the Twitter feed, which has daily/weekly flow in 2016.

Hmolpedia | Top tweeters
The following are the top Hmolpedia existographies, with active Twitter accounts, ranked by "hotness", no thermal word metaphor intended, which tend to post hmolscience-related tweets:

Atomic Romances | Mala Radhakrishnan | Topic: human physical chemistry poetry – Twitter.
Libb Thims | Libb Thims | Topic: all hmolscience – Twitter.
Philip Ball | Philip Ball | Topics: physics of society – Twitter.
Dean Hamden (@silwan23) | Dean Hamden | Topic: human physics – Twitter.
Stefan Polh Valero (Spanish) | Stephan Pohl-Valero | Topic: Social thermodynamics – Twitter.

Complexity Digest | Complexity Systems Society – Twitter.
Mark Buchanan | Mark Buchanan | Topics: Social physics, financial physics – Twitter.
Malcolm Gladwell | Malcolm Gladwell | Topics: tipping point, social physics – Twitter.

The following are related Hmolpedia twitters:

CliftonNotes | Clifton Notes | Topic: Atheism (Ѻ) – Twitter.
Evid3nc3 | Christopher Redford | Topic: Deconversion – Twitter.
Ferris Jabr | Ferris Jabr | Topic: life does not exist –
Matthew Segall | Matthew Segall | Topic: anthrodecentric experientialism – Twitter.
Luis Balbino Arroyo | Luis Arroyo | Topic: thermal economics – Twitter.
Cliff Pickover | Clifford Pickover | Topics: misc Hmolpedia articles – Twitter.
Kurt Bell | Kurt Bell | Topic: asoulism – Twitter.

The following is the Twitter page banner for Religulous@religulous (Ѻ), a top ten atheism tweeter, where “religulous = relig-ion + ridic-ulous”, i.e. religulous is a portmantua of religion and ridiculous:

Religulous (no god road) f

The following, below left, is the "in reason we trust" credo image of the Freedom From Religion Foundation tweeter banner: (Ѻ)

In reason we trust

The following are other related Twitter accounts:

WikiFoundry | Travis Derouin | Topics: WikiFoundry news – Twitter.

The following are related quotes:

“The difference between a ‘hottweet and a ‘coldtweet is some ‘thing’ explainable via human chemical thermodynamics.”
Libb Thims (2016), mental note on new Twitter page, 3:50 CST Mar 22

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