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Vamsi RegallaIn human thermodynamics, Vamshi Regalla (c.1985-) is an Indian chemical engineer and short film production hobbyist noted for his 2012 short film “A Strange Thing Called Love”, coproduced with American mechanical engineer Ravi Vedula, turned Journal of Human Thermodynamics article “A Strange Thing Called Love: in the View of Chemical Thermodynamics”, wherein they outline their take on the chemical thermodynamics of love, employing Thims-Pati style reaction mechanisms (see: love thought experiment): [1]

Man in love (with nine women) labeled

Regalla completed his BS in chemical engineering at Osmania University, India, after which he spent two years in manufacturing industry, and presently is a spend analyst with a procurement consulting company.

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1. (a) Regalla, Vamsi and Vedula, Ravi. (2012). “A Strange Thing Called Love”, YouTube, Feb 04.
(b) Regalla, Vamsi and Vedula, Ravi. (2012). “A Strange Thing Called Love: in View of Thermodynamics” (url) (pdf), Journal of Human Thermodynamics, 8(2): 121-32, Dec 31.

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