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Vasily AksyonovIn hmolscience, Vasily Aksyonov (1932-2009) was a Russian-born American physician-turned writer noted for []

In 1989, Aksynov, in his Our Golden Ironburg: a Novel with Formulas, penned the following statement: [1]

“Veliky-Salazkin (with a hyphen), saw the insoluble and infinite human molecule which flashes brightly, if you notice it, and which brings together the saving threads of a host of beings: Dostoevsky, and Kant and the plumber in the House of Culture, and Galileo, and Tchaikovsky, and Uncle Misha the lab assistant, Engels, and Homer.”

The novel employs the term "molecule" 8+ times, two of which are as follows:

molecule (Aksyonov)
He could be employing some type of human molecular theory, reaction or combination logic, or something; a full read-though, however is requisite before determination can be made.

The novel uses the terms: chemistry (1+), physics (1+), math (1+), and energy (8+) (Ѻ); possibly a key term fishing bate fluke, the abstract (Ѻ), e.g. doesn’t seem to indicate anything of note.

1. Aksyonov, Vasily. (1989). Our Golden Ironburg: a Novel with Formulas (pg. 50). Ardis.

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