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Victor HugoIn existographies, Victor Hugo (1802-1885) (IQ:180|#178) (Cattell 1000:142) [RGM:413|1,320+] (Murray 4000:13|WL) (CR:10) was a French romantic poet, novelist, and dramatist, noted for []

Hugo’s Les Miserables (1862), in the sense of “chemical alter ego”, of note, is cited in Gary Freedman’s unusual “The Chemistry of Human Relationships” blog. [1] It is also ranked as having an “enormous” influence on Leo Tolstoy, in the age range of 35 to 50, in his reading list rankings. [2]

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The following are quotes by Hugo:

“To love is to act.”
— Victor Hugo (1885), scribbled note (Ѻ) two days before reaction end (death), May

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