Walter Albersheim

photo neededIn hmolscience, Walter J. Albersheim (1897-c.1982) was a German-born American electrical engineer and physicist noted, in religious thermodynamics, for his 1948 to 1955 attempts to grapple with physics and religion.

In 1948, Albersheim was speculating on what he referred to as the paradox of free will. [1]

In 1955, Albersheim, in his “Entropy and Evil”, ventured on the topic of how entropy relates to evil and morality [2]

Albersheim was born in Cologne, Germany, on April 27, 1897. He completed his BS in electrical engineering degree and ScD in engineering from Aachen Institute of Technology in 1924. In 1948, Albersheim was being described as a physicist engaged in research with a US electrical manufacturing company, as being well versed in mysticism and the related topics, and a member of the national research council at the Rose-Croix University. [2] In 1957, he was working at Bell Telephone Laboratories. The 1982 book The Conscience of Science, seems to be a collected works of his various essays.

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