Walter Buckley

Walter Buckley nsIn hmolscience, Walter Frederick Buckley (1922-2006) was an American sociologist noted, in sociological thermodynamics, for his 1967 entropy themed general systems sociology theory.

In 1967, Buckely, in his Sociology and Modern Systems Theory, used concepts from general systems theory, such as entropy and negentropy, to develop sociology. [1]

Buckley used the term negentropy to refer to how social systems overcome disintegrating or decaying effects of entropy by importing sufficient energy and other resources to maintain themselves. [2]

Buckley completed his PhD from the University of Wisconsin in 1956 later becoming professor of sociology at the University of New Hampshire.

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Further reading
● Buckley, Walter F. (1998). Society: a Complex Adaptive System (keyword: entropy, pgs. 45, 78). Taylor & Francis.

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