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Wassim HaddadIn existographies, Wassim Haddad (1961-) is a Greek-born American mechanical engineer, noted for []

In 2019, Haddad, in his A Dynamical Systems Theory of Thermodynamics, penned an epilogue chapter on the following topics: origin of life, health, and aging. The specifics of these, however, peter out into nonsense, per reasons of reference to Claude Shannon and Shannon entropy as the open sesame “key” to solve any problem; to exemplify:

“In a healthy conscious human, entropy production occurs spontaneously and, in accordance with Jaynes' maximum entropy production principle [see: MaxEnt school], energy dispersal is optimal, leading to a maximum entropy production rate. Hence, low entropy in (healthy) human brain networks is synonymous with consciousness and the creation of order (negative entropy change or the availability of energy to do work) reflects a rich fractal spatiotemporal variability, which, since the brain controls key …”
— Wassim Haddad (2019), A Dynamical Systems Theory of Thermodynamics (pg. 664)

“Before unlocking the mystery of the origin of life, it is necessary to develop a rigorous unification between thermodynamic entropy, information entropy, and biological organization; these fundamental notions remain disjoint, and this is not surprising when one considers how Shannon chose …”
— Wassim Haddad (2019), A Dynamical Systems Theory of Thermodynamics (pg. 652)

Haddad, here, is selling a Sokal affair style, Shannon bandwagon, ontic opening, in short; not to mention the fact that there is NO origin of life (see: abioism).

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The following are quotes by Haddad:

Thermodynamics is universal, and hence, in principle, it applies to everything in nature—from simple engineering systems to complex living organisms to our expanding universe. The laws of thermodynamics form the theoretical underpinning of diverse disciplines such as biology, chemistry, climatology, ecology, economics, engineering, genetics, geology, neuroscience, physics, physiology, sociology, and cosmology, and they play a key role in the understanding of these disciplines.”
— Wassim Haddad (2019), A Dynamical Systems Theory of Thermodynamics (pg. 641)

1. Haddad, Wassim. (2019). A Dynamical Systems Theory of Thermodynamics (Shannon, 5+ pgs). Princeton University Press.

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