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Watson HestonIn existographies, Watson Heston (1846-1905) (FA:85) was an American freethinker, photographer, and illustrator noted for []

In the 1880s, Heston began making illustrations in the free thinker journal Truth Seeker. (Ѻ)

In 1892, Heston, expanding on these illustrations, published The Old Testament Comically Illustrated, wherein he steps though all the big tales of the Bible, starting with Adam and Eve. This was followed up by The New Testament Comically Illustrated (1898), and The Bible Comically Illustrated (1900), the latter of which being 800 pages in length, containing 400 pictures (Ѻ), and having a print run of 10,000 copies.

The following, from his "The Adventures of Adam" (see: Adam and Eve) is Heston's rendition of the creation of Adam: [1]

Gen 2 7

Heston, in reference to clay creation myth, comments on this:

“The idea is borrowed from preceding religions, and is no more original than true. According to Grecian mythology, the god Prometheus created man, in the image of gods, out of clay; and the god Hephaistos was commanded by Zeus to mold of clay the figure of a maiden, into which Athene, the dawn-goddess, ‘breathed the breath of life’.”

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The following are noted quotes:

“The first heretic was the gentleman who counted his wife’s ribs.”
— Watson Heston (1892), The Old Testament Stories Comically Illustrated (pg. 10)

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● Heston, Watson. (1896). The Freethinkers' Pictorial Text-book: Showing the Absurdity and Untruthfulness of the Church's Claim to be a Divine and Beneficent Institution and Revealing the Abuses of a Union of Church and State. Bank of Wisdom.

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