What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life (vision test)
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In queries, what is the meaning of life? refers to the question of they meaning of reaction existence, in non-defunct terminology, in the dynamics and operation of the universe.

The following
(Ѻ) is a meaning of life poster of historical views, encapsulating: Platonism, Aristotelianism, cynicism, hedonism, Epicureanism, stoicism, classical liberalism, Kantianism, nihilism, pragmatism, theism, existentialism, absurdism (see: Albert Camus), humanism, logical positivism (compare: positivism), natural pantheism, Mohism, Confucianism, and legalism:

Meaning of life (historical views)

This list, of note, is missing: Goetheanism.

Life does not exist
In 2009, American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims solved part of the puzzle, via the partial solution that life does not exist; but rather what one calls the time period between the point of awareness of coming into existence (reaction start) and going out of existence (reaction end), is correctly a connective coupled state of reaction existence. The question then becomes what does it mean to react as a bound state entity or powered CHNOPS+22 chemical being, within the framework of a large and vast yet-to-be fully explained dynamical universe.

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Further reading
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