What is the point of everything?

A 2017 video by Indian-born Canadian philosopher Sudharsanan Sampath, he digs into the ancient question of "what is the point?", with reference to "why" questions, the endless use of which, works to resolve "things" to their either their foundational "base" or shows them as "baseless".
In queries, what is the point of everything?, refers to the semi-common question in regards to the "why" of the "point" of all "things".

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What’s the point? I work, I make money, I get married, someday, I have kids, I retire, and I die. To me ‘dead bodies’ always seem to be the most peaceful things, and end to all activities, success and failures. I have seen several big moments in my life, yet I remember only the smallest of them, the subtle ones, an autumn leaf falling from the bridge, a lonely walk experiencing the light snowfall on Christmas eve. Then, what’s the ‘point’ of all this running around? It doesn’t make sense, does it?”
— Sudharsanan Sampath (2017), “Is Life Meaningless? Nihilism and Nietzsche” [1]

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1. Sampath, Sudharsanan. (2017). “Is Life Meaningless? Nihilism and Nietzsche” (Ѻ), Norther Diaries Digital Media, Apr 20.

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● Sampath, Sudharsanan. (2017). What is Real: Scientific and Spiritual Short Essay Collections (Amz). Publisher.

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