William LeVan

In existographies, William LeVan (1829-c.1910) (CR:2), or “William Barnet Le Van”, was an American mechanical engineer, noted for a number of detailed publications on the indicator and indicator diagram.

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“In the hands of a skillful engineer, the indicator is as the stethoscope of the physician, revealing the secret workings of the inner system, and detecting minute derangements in parts obscurely situated, and it also registers the power of the engine.”
— William LeVan (1901), The Practical Management of Engines and Boilers (pg. 173) [1]

1. LeVan, William. (1901). The Practical Management of Engines and Boilers, Including Compound and Multiple Cylinder Engines and the Practical Management of Dynamos and Motors (§12: The Indicator, pgs. 172-94; stethoscope, pg. 173; indicator card, pg. 181). Publisher.

Further reading
● LeVan, William B. (1889). The Steam Engine and the Indicator: Their Origin and Progressive Development. H.C. Baird & Co.
● Anon. (1892). Appleton’s Cyclopedia of American Biography (WS). Publisher.

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