William Gairdner

William Gairdner nsIn hmolscience, William Gairdner (1940-) is a Canadian writer noted, in sociological thermodynamics, his 1994 The Trouble with Canada, wherein he argues that societies heat up and cool according to thermodynamics.

In 1994, Gairdner, in his The Trouble with Canada, argued that the principle of entropy, as in social entropy, and the entropic force applies to creation and cooling of societies, similar to the formation and eventual heat death of galaxies.

1. Gairdner, William D. (1994). The Trouble with Canada: a Citizen Speaks Out (Section: The Concept of Social Entropy, pgs. 207-8; terms: “entropy”, 211-13, 216, 218, 233, 240, 273, 281, 344; “entropic force”, pgs. 211, etc.). Revised edition, 2007, BPS Books.

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