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William MiddletonIn existographies, William Middleton (1902-1998) (CR:16) was an English-born Canadian meteorologist and barometer historian, noted for []

In 1964, Middleton, in his The History of the Barometer, building on the earlier work of Cornelis de Waard (1936) (Ѻ), gave a detailed history of the barometer, with lots of inside details on things such as the Berti vacuum experiment, ending with a good deal of discussion about weather barometers. [2]

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“The discovery of the ‘barometer’ [Torricelli, 1643] caused the appearance of physics to change, such as the telescope [Lippershey, 1608] did to that of astronomy, the circulation of blood [Harvey, 1628] to that of the medicine, the pile of Volta [1800] to that of molecular physics. "
— Vincenzo Antionori (1841), Historical Information about the Academy of Cimento (pg. 27); cited by William Middleton (1964) in The History of the Barometer (pg. 1) [1]

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“As to the question of the ‘vacuum’, millions of words have been devoted to it through eighteen hundred years.”
— William Middleton (1964), The History of the Barometer (pg. 4)

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