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Wolfgang Muschik nsIn existographies, Wolfgang Muschik (c. 1936-) (CR:8) is a German mathematical physicist and thermodynamicist, noted for []

In 1990, Muschik,
Aspects of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, outlined his views on nonequilibrium thermodynamics. [1]

In the 2000s, Muschik was the editor of the Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics.

Entropy of students
In 2009, Muschik was one of the commentators in Moriarty-Thims debate, on the question of whether or not a group of students, standing together in grassy campus field, has a thermodynamic entropy; the following is Muschik's view:

Yes, you CAN [say that a particular arrangement of students has a thermodynamic entropy]. If you have a certain defined distribution function related to these students, you can define an entropy.”
— Wolfgang Muschik (2009), “Moriarty-Thims debate” (Comment #2) (Ѻ), Sep 3


Muschik completed his PhD in 1966 on an “Attempt at a Phenomenological Grounds of the Casmir-Onsager Reciprocal Relations” at the Technical University of Berlin. [2]

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