Yuji Aruka

Yuji Aruka nsIn hmolscience, Yuji Aruka (c. 1950-) is a Japanese economist noted for his work in econophysics and for a number of joint publications in economic thermodynamics with German physicist Jurgen Mimkes, in which they utilize concepts such as social temperature, a Carnot theory of wealth, among other subjects. [1]

Aruka completed his BA (1972) and MA (1975) in economics at Waseda University and PhD in economics, with a thesis on “Essays on Sraffa Model and its Perturbed Systems of Technology” at Kyoto University in 1999. Aruka currently is an economics professor at Chuo University.

1. (a) Aruka, Yuji and Mimkes, Jurgen. (2006). “An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Interaction: Introduction to Socio- and Econo-Physics”, Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review, 2(2): 145-60; in Complexities of Production and Interacting Human Behavior (ch. 4, pgs. 113-27), 2011.
(b) Mimkes, J., and Aruka, Y. (2005). “Carnot Process of Wealth Distribution” (abs), in Econophysics of Wealth Distribution, 2:70-78.

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